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Avalon.AI’ s HealthcareGPS leverages the power of advanced technology and trusted data sources to deliver truly independent provider recommendations. This isn’t narrow networks based on the lowest cost provider, or kickback schemes. This is finding the best physicians to care for your greatest asset – your people.

Discover the Difference with HealthcareGPS

Save 5-14% on Healthcare Claims

Top-tier physicians have lower readmission rates, lower imaging rates, higher return-to-work rates, and more effective prescription patterns, saving you from wasted spending.

Save $1,500 Per Employee

The amount of unnecessary medical costs due to imaging, readmissions, and over-prescribing.

Point-Solution Fatigue

Employees are overwhelmed with point solutions. Just as GPS evolved car navigation, HealthcareGPS gets your employees to the right healthcare destination with ease.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Providing access to top-tier physicians boosts employee confidence in their healthcare, leading to higher satisfaction and retention rates.

Unbiased Excellence

We are led by data scientist, physician advisors, and proprietary algorithms. There are NO provider contracts, kickbacks, or paid subscriptions driving our tiering methodology.

Data-Driven Accuracy

Our recommendations are based on 45B+ claims data, continuously refreshing, with a longitudinal view of 340M+ patient records. Ensuring top performing physicians are identified.

We’re making a difference in American healthcare, which currently has:


of Diagnostic tests due to over treatment


annual cost of medical errors


annual lives lost to medical errors

*Johns Hopkins Data

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Stand out as an employer who offers unparalleled value. With Avalon.AI, you can assure your employees are receiving the highest standard of healthcare, tailored to their unique needs.

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