250,000 people die every year

because of medical errors

– Johns Hopkins.


We find and schedule the best physician for your employees by applying AI to the largest independent data set for quality ever made.

This isn’t narrow networks, middlemen games, or incentive programs.

This is the best doctors for the most important part of your organization, Your PEOPLE.

3 Reasons to Invest

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Opportunity to Transform Healthcare: Unlock the ability to identify and schedule top-tier doctors from an independent source.

Healthcare GPS: Proprietary AI to identify top physicians with insights delivered via real-time dashboards and seamlessly integrating with existing workplace tools, targeting self-insured employers and a market above 10 million employees.

Proven Track Record: Trusted partnerships and clients including esteemed institutions like Johns Hopkins and Columbia, Avalon.AI is an emerging leader in healthcare technology with a veteran team of experts.

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